At Eastern Dental Management,
we have career opportunities in a vast array of settings.

With 21 comprehensive dental offices throughout New Jersey our team is always looking for talented, passionate dental and business professionals to join us.

Experienced Dentists

As someone who has learned the ropes and gained expertise in their field, if you’re ready to take the next step, we offer attractive opportunities. If you are coming from a privately owned dental group, you understand the administrative headaches that come with it. By joining Eastern Dental Management, that will no longer be the case. You will find relief in having to focus on just one thing – your patients. As you continue your career, we’ll provide opportunities for continued education to stay up-to-date, and when you’re ready attractive retirement outcomes.

Recent Graduates

Opening your own practice directly out of school means a huge investment upfront with a lot of responsibility that can leave you with little time to do what you went to school for. Avoid the day-to-day headaches of both opening and running a practice by joining Eastern Dental Management. We foster many opportunities from growth paths, to continuing education courses, and clinical leadership to mentor you and help you gain expertise in your field.

Support Professionals

As we grow and establish additional offices, we are always looking for professional support staff. With attractive benefits and career growth opportunities, we will continually help you achieve success. The support team is a valuable asset contributing to clinical success, as it enables our dental professional to focus on our patients.

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